Ray Nexus

EP Creado para la EPJam #03
EP made for the EP Jam 02 in a few hours
EP composed with BeepBox for the EP Jam #01
Regresas de la tumba y puedes elegir entre corregir tus errores del pasado o dejar todo como estaba
Visual Novel
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A tool to make quick sketches
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Comic para la Zine Jam
Song I made for the tune jam.
You have been trapped in an invisible labyrinth, find the exit and eat the pizza.
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Stuff I made for the Global Game JAM 2018
GGJ Project. You are a sexually transmitted virus (like gonorrhea) and try to infect somebody.
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Songtember 2018

songs i made for the #songtember 2018


Music I made for Jams and stuff